All about snails - 13

Snail Habitat

Snails are quite plentiful in the world so it shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn they are found in very diverse habitats. Some of them are comfortable in the desert while others live in ditches and cooler climates. These include the mountain areas and even in marshes. What is often found is that land snails live in locations where there are humans around. If you have a garden then chances are you have already seen them exploring this area as well.
What you will discover is that snails species are quite abundant with thousands of them out there. Not all of them are land animals though but a large number of them are. Snails are often where you can see them if you are looking for but most of us are just too busy with our daily routine to notice them.
They don’t like to be where it is too hot but they often find plenty of solace in the shaded areas. They may live in locations where the overall temperature is hot but then just not be out much. This is why you will have to look for snails when it is cloudy or when it is nighttime. They enjoy humid locations though more than where there is just dry heat.
Some people assume that you won’t find snails living in the desert but that isn’t true. In fact there is plenty of evidence to show they thrive there just fine. They do tend to spend a great deal of their time inside of the shell though instead of outside of it. While they conditions may not be ideal, they know how to make the most of it so that they can find food and survive the heat.
Other types of land snails though live underground so you will only see them out there when it is raining and they have to come to the surface so that they don’t drown. They only live less than one inch below the surface though so it is easy enough for them to come out when the rain starts. They are able to easily move as they need to though to get through the changing weather conditions. Even though they are very slow animals by nature, they are very instinctive when it comes to their habitat and survival skills.
Snails don’t reside in just one location all the time. They tend to make their home anywhere since they carry it on their back. They don’t like extreme heat so they will find places where they can be cool. They also need to find adequate supplies of food. Of course a snail can’t move very far in a day but they do continually move most of the time to new locations.
Snails are loners but they often come into contact with each other due to the feeding grounds where they find plenty for all of them to share. This is also where they find each other for mating to occur. They aren’t aggressive in nature towards each other. Then tend to live their own existence without bothering each other.
If you take some time to observe the environment around your home, chances are you will find signs that snails live there. Most of the time they aren’t anything to really worry about. If you are planning to start a garden though they may become more of a pest at that point. You can explore options though to trap them so they don’t feed from what you have planted. It can also be fun just to identify what types of snails live in your area.

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