All about snails - 14

Snail Facts for Kids

bullet Snails are so diverse that there are land snails, sea snails and freshwater snails.
 There are thousands of species of snails.
bullet The “giant tiger land snail” also known, as “giant Ghana snail” is the largest land snail in the world, their length can reach up to 12 inches.
bullet Land snails secrete mucus to facilitate locomotion and reduce the friction against the ground.
bullet Snails try to get a diet that is full of calcium to keep their shells thick and healthy.
bullet Land snails have microscopic teeth! They are contained in a structure called the radula and that is composed of rows of them.
bullet The “cone snails” a family of sea snails is venomous and some of them are fatal to humans!
bullet There are around 600 different species in the family of “cone snails”.
bullet There are around 30 humans killed by cone snails, that have been registered.
bullet The sea snails breathe with gills, the land snails breathe with lungs while some species of freshwater snails breathe with lungs and others with gills.
bullet Several species of land snails are used in the cuisine of several countries and they are considered a delicacy.

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